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Boy killed in Vietnam protest

Date:  May 26,2010 11:15 am

HANOI (Vietnam) - A VIETNAMESE boy was killed during a protest at the site for an oil refinery, sparking a retaliatory attack at the home of a local official, residents said on Wednesday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in Thanh Hoa province, more than 150 kilometres south of Hanoi, on land that authorities have designated for the Nghi Son oil refinery, they said.

'I could not say whether he was shot or beaten to death. But I can confirm that he was killed during a clash, and he was killed because of the police,' said a 68-year-old retired government worker who declined to be named.

The witness said angry residents descended on the home of the local People's Committee chairman on Tuesday night, causing damage inside the home and burning two motorcycles.

Land disputes - and residents' claims that they have been cheated out of fair compensation - have in recent years become the most common cause of protests in Vietnam, a rural country that is rapidly industrialising.

Previous disputes have sometimes led to clashes with the authorities. --- AP


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